Saving for retirement is boring. Do it anyway

The entire country is vibrating in a prosperity cycle; with a booming economy, more job availability, increased wages and substantial bonuses being paid by numerous corporations. Added to this; the long awaited changes in federal income tax laws; Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017, which goes into effect for 2018. The good news is 80% of all Americans will find they have more disposable income each month. Yet the savings rate for the average consumer continues to decline, debt continues to increase and surprisingly, 71% of Americans are still grossly underfunded for their retirement.

Consider the statistics; many folks will be inclined to use their increase in disposable income to pay down debt as they continue to charge more. Mastercard

MA, +0.88%

 announced the largest increase in revolving charge card debt in November of 2017, as a result of consumers going on a record spending spree.

Habitual spending, poses three significant problems. 1.) The majorities have little to no reserves and are ill-equipped to weather a personal financial emergency. 2.) As the stati

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