Yikes! Eagles fan says he emptied his 401(k) to attend the Super Bowl

‘401(k) emptied out to come here!’

Eagles fan

The 401(k) is having a moment.

President Donald Trump has been constantly touting his role in making them fatter. The internet is alive with 401(k) millionaires celebrating the milestone by posting their financial statements online.

And now this from a Philly fan.

Of course, this guy’s retirement never really had a chance if he emptied his entire account to pay for a Super Bowl trip. The average price of a ticket this year came to about $5,000. Let’s say he brought his whole family of four, paid for a hotel room, maybe even some round-trip flights. So, about $30,000 at most?

That’s well below the average saved for those using 401(k)s, which Vanguard says is almost $100,000. Then again, most Americans don’t even have a 401(k), so in that regard, this Philadelphia fan was ahead of the game. Until he spent it all.

The perhaps ill-advised nature of the move wasn’t lost on Twitter:

If the oddsmakers are right, this Philly fan might regret taking the plunge. Then again, if the Eagles pull off the upset and the market keeps heading lower, maybe he got out at EXACTLY the right time.

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